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This book gives Norvell's formula for re­leasing the psychic power buried in your mind to achieve not only material riches but the inner wealth of friendship, love, intellectual development, peace, and happiness. The Million Dollar Secret reveals the more abundant life on all planes of consciousness.

You can build the million dollar consciousness by using the secret power hidden in your mind. If your inner dream is one of health, happiness, popularity and social success, you can use this formula for achieving all these. The million dollar secret will reveal an inner kingdom of peace, poise and power that lies within the innermost recesses of your soul. You can learn to tune in on the highest and most inspiring thoughts of great men and women of history and have a million dollars worth of love, happiness and true enjoyment of life.

Yes, the million dollar secret combines mental, emotional and spiritual riches. You can be rich on all planes of consciousness and truly fulfill the great destiny that God intended for you.

A legend is told of the creation of the universe. The gods held a conference and one of them said, "Let us give to man the same creative power that we ourselves possess. Where shall we hide this priceless gift?"

Another answered, "Let us hide it where man will never think to look for it: within his own mind."

That is where the million dollar secret resides—within your own mind, your own consciousness. Here it is that you can find the creative power to build a material, monetary fortune and to find health, happiness, friendship, love, intellectual enjoyment and peace of mind.

Study the principles in this book carefully. Apply them to your everyday life and believe that the miracle of riches and abundance can happen to you, as it has to thousands of others. You will gradually become a living, walking symbol of the power and might that is in the million dollar secret that lies hidden within your mind.


The Formula For Success Outlined in This eBook Has Worked Well for Thousands of People and It Can Work Just As Well For You!

The Undiscovered Genius Within Your Mind

Potentially your mind is that of a genius. You have the same capacity as a Beethoven or an Einstein. Psychologists have proved that the average person could achieve the same great things that geniuses have, if they would just use as little as ten percent more of their brain potential. 

Think of it! You have the genius to create greatness if you will but use ten percent more of your brain potential than you now use. In fact, the great psychologist William James goes even further in his discovery of the human mind: he states that the greatest geniuses of history used only ten percent of their brain potential!

Now this is an astounding statement, and promises you untold power if you can only release a small part of your brain potential. The thoughts and inspiration of a Leonardo da Vinci may be imprinted on your consciousness and act as a blueprint upon which to construct your new and greater destiny.

The insight of a Galileo, the daring of a Newton, may be emblazoned upon your conscious and subconscious minds, causing you to break through the barriers of ignorance and limitation that may be keeping you from winning high goals in life.

The imagination and audacity of a Benjamin Franklin, or an Edison, may cause you to discover priceless secrets of the universe, as they did when they discovered and harnessed electric power. You can harness the genius within your mind and find a whole new world of wonder and enchantment.

You are an undiscovered genius, and when you grow wings of the imagination you may soar into unlimited realms of great achievement. Dare to think of yourself as being an extraordinary person, with great powers of the mind. You were created with an imagination that can cause you to think of yourself as being big, successful, rich, powerful— anything you desire can be imaged, and the wings of imagination will carry you aloft into that rarefied atmosphere of genius and greatness.

This eBook is full of examples of ordinary people like you and me who have accomplished extraordinary things in their lives by learning to utilize the genius of their mind to a much greater extent than the average person ever does.

When you have once been exposed to the rhythm of the universal music of the spheres, and received the noble inspiration that great music gives the human consciousness, you will never be the same ordinary person. You will become extraordinary, illumined and raised to the lofty heights that these creative geniuses of history have scaled.

Think on these Great Things and Marvel!

Think on these great things and marvel. Then go forth and create your own forms of creative greatness. Let them serve to inspire you to achieve great deeds. Let them be models for you to use for the achievement of perfection and beauty in your own life. Let these great events and inspired creations of the illumined minds of the past and present, awaken in your consciousness the awareness of your own Divinity.

The oak tree slumbers in the acorn. Your future greatness, your great achievement, your imprisoned splendor, slumber in your own immortal soul! Now is the time to awaken from your soul sleep and discover how you may begin to fulfill your divine destiny. This eBook will be your lifelong companion and a constant source of inspiration along your road to high achievement and self-fulfillment. 

Originally published in the early 1960s, this book has been out of print for many years and copies are very hard to come by now and typically change hands for $40-$100 or more in secondhand book stores, but today you can download a digital copy of this superb source of life-changing wisdom for less than $20! There is no waiting either - in minutes from now you can be discovering what this reader did...


Don't let the corny title put you off. I first read this book in the late 60s, then again in the mid seventies. It changed my life; I co-founded one of the first PC companies, went on to become the first sales and marketing manager for then-unknown Epson America, and made their printers #1 in the world, had a dran good run as a competitor of Microsoft, and am now a successful consultant and Systems engineer. This book is Highly recommended! 

Chris Rutkowski (Portland, OR)


The first edition of this book, published in 1963, was entitled The Million Dollar Secret That Lies Hidden Within Your Mind, and 10 years later a revised and updated version was published under the title The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind. This 270 page, 20 Chapter eBook edition contains the complete text of the revised and updated version.


  Chapter 1 -  Dynamic Thinkers Rule the World
  Chapter 2 -  The Undiscovered Genius Within Your Mind
  Chapter 3 -  You Are Greater than You Think
  Chapter 4 -  Tap the Hidden Treasure within Your Mind
  Chapter 5 -  Release Dynamic Energy through Your Desires
  Chapter 6 -  Magnetism, the Law of Universal Attraction
  Chapter 7 -  The Magic Genie Within Your Subconscious Mind
  Chapter 8 -  The Million Dollar Consciousness That Brings Success
  Chapter 9 -  Unlock God's Universal Storehouse of Riches
  Chapter 10 - Duplicate the Power of Great Men of History
  Chapter 11 - The Million Dollar Personality that Wins
  Chapter 12 - Ten Steps That Can Make You a Mental Giant
  Chapter 13 - Building a Strong Master Motive
  Chapter 14 - Fortune Favors the Bold
  Chapter 15 - The Hidden Ingredients of the Million Dollar Secret
  Chapter 16 - Become a Receiving Station for Great Ideas
  Chapter 17 - How to Seek and Win the Aid of Important People
  Chapter 18 - Take these Seven Steps up the Ladder of Success
  Chapter 19 - Accept Abundance, the Philosophy of Riches
  Chapter 20 - Think on these Great Things

This is perhaps the most powerful book of its kind published in the last 50 years. It is definitely one that you will benefit from reading several times over, as each time you do so you will discover deeper depths of meaning than you did before.

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During his career Norvell was widely known and respected as one of the world's leading experts on metaphysics and the occult. A devoted seeker after Truth, and a tireless worker, he investigated ESP and psychic phenomena for over 35 years, and travelled to India, Egypt, Tibet, Greece, and all over the world, accumulating knowledge for his various books and lectures.

For more than 30 years in New York Norvell lectured at world-famous Carnegie Hall, where a bronze plaque honored him with the title of "The Twentieth-Century Philosopher." His famous lectures were delivered almost invariably to packed houses.

Anthony Norvell wrote many books, some of which he published simply under the name "Norvell". Reaching millions of people all over America through his radio and television programs, he was recognized as an authority in the field of Para-psychology, with four of his books being used in universities worldwide. A long-time resident of Hollywood, he helped many top movie and TV personalities rise from obscurity to stardom by showing them the principles, methods and techniques revealed in his books.

For the thousands who find themselves perplexed and frustrated by the problems and pressures of life to­day, Norvell has words of hope and courage drawn from his long experience as an adviser in human relations. In every human psyche, Norvell has found, there are three fundamental needs: the need for the sense of security (financial, emotional, and spiritual); the need for success in its true meaning of fulfillment of one's potentialities; and the need for the happiness and peace of mind which flow from adjustment to oneself and to others. In learning how to satisfy these needs we learn how to control our destiny—instead of letting ourselves be controlled by circumstances.


 by Raymond Charles Barker

In this wonderful little book Dr. Barker discusses MONEY. Do you have mental blockages concerning money that are causing lack and limitation in your life? If so then this is the eBook you need to read in order to help you remove these forever and open your mind to the unlimited abundance of the universe.

"The people who have it, want more; the people who don't have money, want it. There isn't a person in the world who will admit having too much money, and who would not like to juggle his stocks and bonds to have a little more.

"What is this money that we are discussing? We worry about its valuation. We have a curious mixture of doubt and fear in most of our thought of money. We seem to be confused. We do not know whe-ther its value is dependent upon money, as gold, locked under-ground in Fort Knox, Kentucky, or whether it is dependent upon the stock market. That, too, seems to affect money. And, we worry when other nations devaluate their currency for fear it will affect our own country's money. So, I think it would be a good idea if we discussed money and cleared our thought regarding it.

"You are going to like money, because it is God in Action. You are going to use it with wisdom, release it in joy and know it will return to you increased. Say to yourself, "Wait a moment—I always have had enough money to meet my needs and the Infinite Spirit is not going to stop my income at this point. There is no blockage in the universal system; the universe is always in a state of flux. If there is a block in the flow of money in my life, it must be a temporary human block which I have within my own consciousness. I now break that block. I accept money, appreciate money, use money and shall never again be afraid of money."

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